History of the curled hair factory

Round about the middle of the 19th century, the more comfortable horsehair mattresses were slowly replacing the sacks filled with dried leaves more commonly used as bedding until then. This was when Johannes Toggenburger laid the foundation of what was to become the Toggenburger curled hair factory in Marthalen.
For four generations (until 1950) horsehair and cattle-tail hair was spun by hand and made ready as high-quality padding material for mattresses. Then, at long last, machines were invented to replace advantageously working by hand and the "Rosshaari" (Rosshaar = horsehair) was quick to install its own machine.


During the last century, it has been the very high quality of the horsehair we produce that has enabled us to hold our ground in face of the strong competition at home and abroad.
Currently we export our horsehair to half a dozen countries and we can be proud of the fact that some of the most renowned furniture companies in Europe have used it for years as padding for their top grade mattresses.
Apart from our horsehair products, our sales programme also includes modern padding materials such, webbing, polyester wadding, nonwoven for upholstery, nonwoven for agricultural products and underlays for carpet and parquet/laminate. For a number of these we are sole representatives in Switzerland.